Joining A Game

So you want to start a game of Supremacy 1914 - a good decision !  There are normally lots of different games available to join that have various starting conditions. If you read the game manual before you join a game ( essential ) you will see that the following  are the different start conditons that can be applied to any game:

Peace Period
Other human players can not be attacked until the set day.
  • It is not possible to declare war during the peace period
  • It is not possible to enter other player's provinces, unless right-of-way has been granted
  • Armies will never start to fight

Peace Period AI 

Non-Player Characters (NPC) can not be attacked until the set day.

  • It is not possible to declare war on NPCs during the peace period
  • NPC players will not declare war on humans or other NPCs during the peace period
  • It is not possible to enter NPC provinces
  • Armies will never start to fight with NPC armies
Maximum Inactivity Period

Specifies the days of inactivity after which a human player is taken over by the AI. Inactive players can be replaced by the game creator/game admin.

Honor Period

War has to be declared x hours in advance before a player can be attacked. Before that it is neither possible to attack the player's armies nor to enter his/her territory. 

Some games have no start conditions, others have a combination of conditions, or all of them. So be careful when you choose a game to join. It is important that you fully understand this !


At the start of a game it is essential to get on friendly terms with one or more countries that share a border with you. Of course you need room to expand your empire so don't try to be friendly with all your neighbours.

If there  is a 'Peace Period' for human controlled countries you can still enter into diplomacy and grant right of way or shared map. In fact such a peace period is ideal as you can form friendly relationships and move your forces in readiness to attack someone else.....

If there is a 'peace period' for computer controlled countries it is an ideal time to move your forces in readiness to attack.

If there is no 'peace periods' then all hell can be let loose within a few minutes of the game starting. So be careful ! But quickly getting on friendly terms with a neighbour or two is an essential ingredient for success.


Some Game Basics

You can play Supremacy 1914 games for free but some games require ‘goldmark' to enter.

Most of the games which need 'goldmark' have advanced units. Some allow you to chose your start up country. You can even set up a game yourself which others will join.

You can obtain 'goldmark' by voting for the game on various gaming sites, or by purchasing them.

I have yet to play a game with advanced units so all my posts will be about the basic games until I say otherwise :)

About Supremacy 1914

The main game website is full of information about how the game works so I am not repeating it here – read their excellent manual and view the videos to set the scene.

The makers of Supremacy 1914 are Bytro Labs. I have no affiliation with them except as a player of the game.

About Me

Please note !! I do not profess to be an expert, nor do I profess to know all there is to know about the game. But I have won all three of the three big map games I have joined – so I must be doing something right !

One thing though, I am always straight with other players - I never make friends and stab them in the back. That is not my style, and if you do stab friends in the back you will soon make more enemies than friends ! It's up to you.

Another thing is that I am writing this blog assuming you already know the mechanics of the game.

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